Digital Ejari Registration Process

  • 3 years ago
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Below are the steps for Ejari Registration:

Step 1:

Send the following documents to the Registration Trustee Office:

  • Original scanned Tenancy Contract with company stamp.
  • Tenant passport, residence visa & Emirates ID
  • Owner Passport/visa & Emirates ID
  • Copy of the title deed
  • Owner/Tenant to sign the Request Forms sent by the RT office.
  • Latest Ejari certificate (for renewals)
  • For companies: Authorization letter should be attached and the applicant visa should be on the same company.

Step 2:

Documents verification process:

Once the RT office receives the above documentation, the application for the Ejari registration will be approved with a reference number.

Step 3:

Online Payment:

RT office sends the payment instructions to the parties by email.

Step 4:

Ejari Certificate gets issued within 2 hours post-online payment and is emailed to the parties.

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