April 2020

Looking for A Successful Career in UAE Real Estate?

Join Top Homes Real Estate A birthplace for thriving entrepreneurs, the real estate market in UAE is a booming industry. An extremely demanding, cutthroat business, the real estate profession, however, is brutal. If you are looking to simply survive from paycheck to paycheck, then I suggest you look elsewhere. If on the other hand, you are an aggressive go-getter; an ethical, self-motivated and...

How your property is immune to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

In recent uncertain times of the Coronavirus Pandemic, where no one seems to be sure of anything, we bring to you expert advice on why credible Property Investment still and will remain the safest, making it immune to this global crisis. Your property will not be infected by the Coronavirus Your property will not go bankrupt, unlike a business, even if if you are investing in a listed company...


Majestic colorful dubai marina skyline during night. Multiple tallest skyscrapers of the world. Dubai marina, United Arab Emirates. When it comes to any real estate transaction there are certain steps and documents that need to be in place in order to successfully transfer a property. The Problem But what do you do if the seller loses the title deed? To make the challenge even more challenging:...

Digital Ejari Registration Process

Below are the steps for Ejari Registration: Step 1: Send the following documents to the Registration Trustee Office: Original scanned Tenancy Contract with company stamp.Tenant passport, residence visa & Emirates IDOwner Passport/visa & Emirates IDCopy of the title deedOwner/Tenant to sign the Request Forms sent by the RT office.Latest Ejari certificate (for renewals)For companies:...

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